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Hello and welcome to the Twins Halal House

A fabulous Restaurant in the city of Oakland.

Convenient Location. Delicious Fresh Food

Uncover the good surroundings of the Twin Halal House!

If you're looking for a great place to get some fresh air and relax with some delectable delicious fresh food and dishes, you should go to the Twins Halal House. The twin halal house has a calm atmosphere and is free of hustle and bustle. They specialize in continental and Italian cuisine, as well as the best beverage selection

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Cozy Place

We try our hardest to make this place lively and welcoming. People can sit, eat, relax, and enjoy every moment of their lives. So, forget your stress and enjoy your time in our restaurant.

Good Vibes

Our restaurant has a nice ambiance with a variety of styles and colors, and believe me when I say it gives you crazy good vibes.

Delicious berry breakfast bowl for a hea
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Calm Environment

Take refuge in a lush green haven away from the crowds. And enjoy good music and food in our restaurant. 

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Get Relax, Eat.

Relaxing and eating can help you feel better by lowering your stress levels. So just look at the menu
and look for your food.

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Made At Home

Signature Menu

Some of our most popular and well-loved dishes can be found on our signature dish menu. There's something for everyone, from our famous wraps to our delectable kababs. So come on in and enjoy the foods! 

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We Have Team of Experience Chef at Twin Halal

We have a rock star team behind our delectable cuisine. Our team always strives to make the dishes
healthy and delicious for you.

Our Clients Say

Twins Halal House New Menu_edited.jpg
I am a huge foodie who enjoys eating. But I must say that the food at Food Lovers is absolutely delicious. I've never had such delicious food in my life. The staff is extremely friendly, and they go out of their way to ensure that you are always satisfied with your meal. I would strongly recommend this establishment to anyone.

Robert Rose, Product Designer

- Reserve your table -

You can make a reservation by calling us at

+1 5109221972 

Get in Touch

2608 Market Street 
Oakland, 94607

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